Is Sugar Daddy Relationship Moral

You have probably heard about Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy issues where in College Girls are going on line? Using Sugar Daddy Dating Sites to seek for older and richer men who can pay for their college education. This doesn’t sound new at all right? With the rise of this issue, there are many individuals, out of their curiosity started to seek for information about this recent social phenomenon to satisfy their curiosity.

There have been several misconceptions about Sugar Daddy Relationship; in fact so many people nowadays are questioning its morality. Some thinks that this kind of relationship is a forbidden affair between younger women and older and rich men. Many view this set up as improper stating that the rich men are just taking advantage of younger women’s desperation to pursue their studies at all cost. There are also some individuals who are becoming judgmental upon seeing younger ladies enjoying incredible gifts, glamorous vacations and endless shopping spree.

But the question is? Is Sugar Daddy moral? There is actually no point of questioning the morality of Sugar Daddy Relationship. Individuals have their own different stands, personal opinions and viewpoints regarding this issue and these needs to be respected. If Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby Relationship is based on mutual agreement and build on respect and trust, then there is no way that this kind of relationship be considered as unethical.

Sugar Daddy Relationship is no longer under the veil of secrecy. This phenomenon now happens in the society. Though this kind of relationship has been subject under several media outlets scrutiny, it cannot be denied that the public has somehow accepted Sugar Daddy Relationship. This interesting dilemma has been put to questions and many debated if the dating behavior can be morally accepted. Whatever the issues would be, as long as Sugar Daddy Relationship does not cause any harm to other people, no one has the right to question it.

People only live once so why not live life the way they want it? There is no harm in pursuing good things. It is not also bad to get support to get through hardness and shortcomings in life. If college students view sugar daddies are the ultimate solution to their financial burden, then they have all the freedom to date with these men and seek for financial support. After all, their education or probably their dreams and their future are at stake here and not anyone else’s life.

Sugar Daddy Relationship may not just be all about financial support. This can also be a means to bring each other happiness. People should not pass judgments based only on what they see such as expensive dinners, extravagant trips and more. Sugar Daddy Relationship can also take the form of mentorship wherein older men try to date and support younger women because they see great potential on them. Sugar Daddy dating can also be some sort of networking because this brings people with similar interest together regardless of age.

It is therefore not right to judge Sugar Daddy Relationship on its moral acceptability. It would be best to look on its positive side.


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